Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the next big thing and one of the most talked about technology shifts in the web development which bring mobile-app-like experiences to your users without requiring them to install an App from the App store/Play store. Since the majority of online shopping traffic comes from mobile, these characteristics make PWAs the perfect solution for retailers trying to drive engagement and revenue.

The Progressive Web Application is recommended because it is more immersive and lightning fast than a website or native application. Progressive Web Application also user-friendly if compared to the website and supports the push notification.  The best part of Progressive Web Application is that a user can use many of the features without an internet connection and once the mobile is connected to the internet the data gets synced.

 In a nutshell, we can brief the benefits of PWA as mentioned below-

  • The website becomes lightning fast.
  • A user-friendly App experience.
  • Supports push notification.
  • No need to download/install.
  • Works fast even on a slow connection.
  • Increases User engagement.
  • Increase conversion rate.

Joomla Backend Plugin Settings page

Plugin fields provide options to set:

  1. The Application Name
  2. The Application Short Name
  3. Theme color of the App
  4. Splash Background Color for the App
  5. Images for the manifest file.

The progressive web App will be installed in the device according to the parameters set here.



The loader will be displayed when the user navigates on other pages of the app. In Loader Settings, you can enable or disable the loader. If you enable the Loader for the web app, then select the loader type. You can either use the default loader provided in this plugin with the desired color of the loader Or you can use the custom loader as per your choice. Just upload the gif file of the desired loader and save.



Front-end Site view and view on Mobile Device


A customer can open the website in a browser of the mobile device. On opening the site, he/she will be asked to add the SIte to the home screen(as App). Click on Add button to add the progressive web application to the home screen.



After installation, you can see the application icon on the home screen of the mobile like this & just click on the application to launch it.


After clicking on the application, the application launches with a splash screen. The splash screen shows the application name and icon.