How to use RMA Functionality

1. RMA links are available in the order details page at frontend. Click on the Orders link to open Order list page


2. These links will only be available for a confirmed order. Open any Confirmed Order's details page.




3. As a user go to an order's details page and click on the Request a Replacement or a refund link


4. Select Product(s) as per requirement and click on the Replace or Refund button



5. On the Final submission page Select Reason,  additional comment (if any) and submit the Request.



6. User can check its submissions for a particular orders using the RMA history link on the Order details page


7. Click on the Request ID to open Request details page.



8.  On the Request Details page user can check various tabs for different - different features

A) All Requested Products: This shows a list of all the requested products for a particular order

B) Declined Products: If the Admin declines a Product request, it will get listed under this tab

C) Replaced Product: List all the approved replaced product  requests

D) Refunded Products: List all the approved refunded product  requests

E) Communication: Provide user a message field to communicate with the Admin if required