To provide a better online experience to your customers, and allow them to easily track the status of their online order, “Joomla VirtueMart Order Status Tracker” is developed. Tracking an order increases the chances of additional purchases and therefore increase your online sales and looks more professional. This module provides your site the functionality to show the current status of order status to the customers. A customer is able to view the complete flow of order status.


  • Admin can set various Order Status to show at storefront.
  • Admin can set the Ordering of Order Status displayed at storefront.
  • Option to set the numbers of orders shown in the module.
  • Functionality to customize the font color and background color of various order status.
  • An admin can send Review Reminder email after completing all order status assigned to this module through Cron Job.
  • Admin can set the number of days after which Review Reminder email will be sent to customer.
  • An admin can also customize the email template of Review Reminder email.
  • Option to show the product details and order details is provided to customer.
  • A customer can hide the Order Status Tracker for a session.

NOTE: This module view is available only to the registered logged in user. Please login first to use its functionality.