This plugin helps to import the products from AliExpress directly to your VirtueMart store and start selling those products at your own store very easily. Admin has the option to update the product prices and other product details after importing the same to the store. After he/she receives the order of the imported product, he places  the  same  order  on  AliExpress  and  gets  it  shipped  directly  from  their warehouse to the customer


  • Import AliExpress Products to your VirtueMart store with ease.
  • Functionality to import products from AliExpress category page to your selected store.
  • Functionality to import products from AliExpress product detail page to your store.
  • Import  products  with  details  include  Product  Name,  Price,  description metadata, main image and additional images.
  • Functionality to edit the product details before importing to the VirtueMart store.
  • Option to set default category to which products get imported.
  • Option to place an order for AliExpress products from VirtueMart orders detail page.
  • Functionality to set the default quantity of a product when imported from AliExpress.
  • All steps from adding the product to the AliExpress cart and entering the shipping information have been automated.
  • Admin can filter Aliexpress Imported Products from VirtueMart Product List Page.
  • Admin can filter the AliExpress product’s orders by adding an order prefix in plugin settings.
  • A custom built AliExpress Product Importer Chrome Browser Extension is available on Chrome extension store.
  • Easy to configure and manage at admin end


  • This plugin works only with Chrome browser on https(SSL enabled) site.
  • To Check the Imported product go to AliExpress Category
  • AliExpress Chrome extension can be added to your chrome browser from here

How to Use:

STEP 1: Login  at the backend of Joomla demo site and go to Plugin list page via Extension drop down

STEP 2: Select and open AliExpress for VirtueMart Importer Plugin details page

STEP 3: Now configure the settings of this plugin. To import AliExpress products to your VirtueMart store, you need to authenticate the data at AliExpress end through “Authentication Key” which you can enter manually here and the same needs to be set in the Chrome extension. Enter other details and Save Plugin Settings.

STEP 4: Once you have configured the settings of the plugin. Go to AliExpress site(On your Google Chrome browser ), Click on “Update Authentication Data” in order to authenticate the data from AliExpress.


STEP 5: After clicking “Update Authenticate Data”, a new popup will get open. Enter your Joomla VirtueMart site URL(Enter Our demo site URL Here: to which you want to import AliExpress products. And click on “Next”.


STEP 6: After clicking “Next”, Enter “Email”(Use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of the shopper that you have selected in the plugin configuration and “Authentication key”. This is the key that you have entered in the plugin settings(manually) to authenticate with AliExpress.

STEP 7: After successful authentication of your Joomla site to AliExpress, you can view “AliExpress product Importer icon” to the AliExpress category page to import products from there.