Joomla Virtuemart Dropshipping Management:Dropshipping is a process of supply chain management technique in which the retailer or vendor does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler who ships the goods directly to the customer.
The Extension provides a vendor the facility and increase efficiency of the store and having the right products in stock and quick shipment to the customers. In Virtuemart Dropship Management Extension all the warehouses are managed by admin. Admin can add/edit or delete warehouse if needed. Admin build a warehouse and assign commission to the customers.


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Joomla Virtuemart Dropshipping Joomla Dropshipping



Live Demo Credentials



Username: demo

Password: demo

Virtuemart Dropshipping Management Suppoted Joomla-:

  • Joomla 3.x
  • virtuemart 3.x


  • Works in Joomla Virtuemart .
  • Easy to manage Store and location flexibility for shipment .
  • Increase store Efficiency and low overhead .
  • Easy to Ship product from various warehouses .
  • Order shipping is easy using this module .
  • Admin can change status of warehouse enable/disable .
  • Cost efficient because of no warehouse management for product .
  •  Admin can add/edit/delete warehouse .

Download Procedure: Joomla Virtuemart Dropshipping Management is working in the Joomla 3.0 version
When you’ll download the Joomla Virtuemart Dropshipping Management extension will be getting two zip files (com_dropshipping+ dropshipping) use it.

How to Use: This module is really very handy to use you just need to care about the things.
All the files are (com_dropshipping+ dropshipping) are installed. Plugin dropshipping should be enabled first.
Plugin need to be enable properly and Component option must be saved and parameter meter field.

Backend Configuration:

After installing both extension you need to enable vmdropshipping plugin first.


Go to User Group sand add a new group


 Create a new user group.

 While creating User Group set parent group as Manager then save and close it


 Configuration at Admin end-: 

Click on Components and go to Dropshipping.



Set all the parameters here for the configuration filled and select country as language like English (UK) and set user group it which you created earlier ie 10.


 Click on “New” to create a new warehouse

 View the parameters

Select Warehouse for individual product.



View of Orders

 View at Warehouse Manager end-:

Go to Components and click Dropshipping


View of list of Orders.



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  Joomla Virtuemart Dropshipping