Joomla virtuemart make an offer: This splendid extension allows users a transparency to request and negotiate cost of their desired product with the store admin. The extension is ideal for stores providing custom services or specific to stores that would benefit from the customer being able to place a custom quote. The user click on "make an offer" button to request for an offer of the product they are interested in. 


Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment


Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive PaymentJoomla Virtuemart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment




Username and Password For Demo:-

Front end:-


Site Username: demo

Site Password: demo

Back end:-


Site Username: wkadmin

Site Password: wkadmin


Download Procedure: Joomla virtuemart make an offer is working in the Joomla 3.x version

When you’ll download the Joomla virtuemart make an offer extension you’ll get a zip file use it. 



★ Allows both registered and guest users to request for an offer from the frontend.

★ Create and customize make an offer form page which includes three mandatory fields i.e. email of the user, offer price and quantity.

★ The offer is restricted to single product based on price and quantity.

★  separate section of discussion panel is provided to both admin and users where they can haggle related to offer.

★ Option to block conversation tab at admin end accordingly.

★ Admin can edit offer price and product quantity to be purchased based on settlement.

★ The admin has the option to delete/unpublish the used coupon.

★ Option to bind coupon globally to mail is provided.

★ A separate tab is provided at admin end to view the history of desired offer.

★ Option to view the list of offers with all recent estimate request sent in the “offer” page of registered user.

★ Admin can set email templates for email regarding offer request, approval and denial.

★ Auto coupon code creation upon approving offer.

★ Coupon is validated based on amount of cart/buyer email at the time of purchase.

★ Option to resend approval email is provided at admin end.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here