Twitter Auto Publish : This Plugin share Joomla Article to Twitter on article save. Twitter Auto Publish is a simple but powerful extension for Joomla that automatically tweets your new articles or updated article to your Twitter page With our extension, you don't need to go to Twitter website to post your blog, all thing you need to do is create articles on your site then Plugin will automatically tweet your article title along with a short url link and Images of the article also.



Twitter Auto Publish Demo


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Here's how to use the Plugin:-
This plugin is really very handy to use you just need to enable or publish this plugin first. And go to create your article than you save it, it’s automatically post on your Twitter. You just need to configure the module with some parameter which describe as bellow.

Backend Snapshot:

1.  Firstly Configure the Plugin as below and save:

 Twitter Auto Publish


2.  Then create an article like below in snap shot and save the article:


Twitter Auto Publish


3.   Then You will see the output on Your Twitter Profile page as below in snap shot:


Twitter Auto Publish


4. Supported Pletform

- Joomla 3.x.

5. supported features

* Automatic content share with title and article link on your Twitter page.
* Support short link.
* Support SEF url.
* Support images share on twitter using title.
* Working in all modern browsers.
* Fully Admin Driven.
* No hassle, easy to implement

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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