Stripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart : This Plugin work with checkout for payment in Joomla Virtuemart. It will work live as well as Debugging mode. Stripe payment gateway handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. No doubt stripe is most easy and most scalable payment gateway of the modern time.


Username and Password For Demo:-

Front end:-


Site Username: demouser

Site Password: demouser

Back end:-


Site Username: demouser

Site Password: demouser


Stripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart


Stripe Payment Gateway for VirtuemartStripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart




Download Procedure: Virtuemart Stripe Payment is working in the Joomla version 

- Joomla 3.x

When you’ll download the Stripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart extension you’ll get a zip files ( use it. 

Contact us if you have any trouble in downloading the extestion. 



★ Working with stripe supported currencies

★ Better security management

★ Admin have complete control of the system

★ email notification on transaction 

★ Support for almost all kind of cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB etc

★ Well integrated with Joomla

★ Give payment information dynamically using AJAX, without page reloads

★ No Modification required in core files

★ Check and utilized both Test and Live server modes on the payment gateway

★ Auto card type detection when the user enter the card number on cart.

★ Card Number is shown in quad for four when entered.

★ A new feature has been added for Admin by which admin can select an option to send an email receipt from Stripe if admin wants to do so.

★ Admin has provided an option to select card types like Visa,maestro,JCB etc from which he want payment to be done.

★ Stripe 3D Secure payments feature is added.

★ Admin has option to Allow/Disallow the Non-secure Cards from payments.

How to Use: This module is really very handy to use you just need to care about the things. 

• The plugin is (stripepayment) installed. Plugin stripepayment should be enabled first. 


Steps for installing Stripe Payment Gateway on VirtueMart: 

Install plugin on joomla end

Plugin Name     :   stripepayment

Plugin need to be enable properly 


Steps for Configure Stripe Payment Gateway on VirtueMart:

 Step 1: Go to the Extension manager and browse the stripepayment zip file first and then upload and install:-






Step 2: Go to the Plugin manager:-



 Step 3: Go to the Plugin manager and enable stripe payment plugin first:-



Step 4: After that You have to Go Virtuemart payment method and create new Payment Method :-



Step 5: For Create Stripe Payment Method for Virtuemart and set all the required information for creating a payment method and save it than Select “Stripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart” from Payment Method click save button to save the payment.:-



 Step 6: After Payment Method Information Done click on Configuration tab,
Fill all the necessary parameters for the Stripe Payment Gateway and save it:-


Front End:-

Step 1:  When you buy/purchase any product, you can select stripe payment and fill the necessary information then save it and go to confirm your order


Order Confirmation view:


BackEnd View Order

Backend view of order details:


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


Stripe Payment Gateway for Virtuemart