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Simple Hover Effect is a brilliant Joomla plugin. It creates a big image/article preview on mouse hover of image/link. You can link the small image/link to internal or external url. Added editor button plugin for better usability.


Simple Hover Effect PluginSimple Hover Effect Plugin


Supported Version - Joomla 3.x

Backend Snapshot

The Back-end configuration settings of the plug-in have Following options :

- Set the x and y offset.
- Select the menu id type and enter the ids using comma.
- Set the popup width in pixel or percentage.
- Select the position of pop-up.
- Enter the word limit of articles that will be displayed during pop-up.
- Click “Yes” to allow display of image description.


How to Use the plug-in ?

Go to you article manager and add new article then click on simple hover effect button in editor.














For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

Simple Hover Effect Plugin