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  • Prestashop Marketplace Order Tracking
    Improve overall customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date information regarding the orders. With Prestashop Marketplace Order Tracking, the sellers can track the orders and update it accordingly.
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  • Laravel eCommerce Customer Document
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  • Google Maps Pin Address for Magento 2
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  • Introducion to Human Centered Design (HCD)
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  • Opencart Advanced Product Discount
    Opencart Advanced Product Discount allows the admin to provide a custom discount based on the product, category, customer group, and date range. The discount can be in percentage or in fixed value. As
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    Rss Feed ReaderRss Feed Reader



    RSS Feed Reader : RSS Feed Reader is an awesome module which show your RSS feed in awesome manner.This module automatically grab RSS feeds into your site by just providing RSS Feed url.

    Features :

    ★ Every thing is configurable like width, colors, number of feed and many more

    ★ All browser compatible .

    ★ Fully Configurable .

    Version Support: 

                 Joomla 3.x


    Backend Snapshot:

    Rss Feed Reader

    Support :  For any query or support shoot a ticket at our ticket support system



    Rss Feed Reader