Lovejoy moved by Engelland's 'powerful' speech during Vegas opener

Devils' Ben Lovejoy was blown away by former teammate Deryk Engelland's speech during Tuesday's emotional home opener.


Charlie-the-Chihuahua-Mix puppy
Charlie is the love of my life. My children are grown and left home and I have been trying to fill the void in my life. I was not sure about an inside dog because I always have dogs that are outside pets. As you can see, I gave it a try and Charlie is the best thing in the the world to fill that empty spot in my heart!


Bjanka-the-West-Highland-White-Terrier puppy
Hi from Estonia. This is Bjanka. She is very sweet and cheerful. She really likes to dance on her hind legs. Bjanka also loves to play with balls and soft toys.


Kuma-the-Alaskan-Malamute puppy
My name is Kuma. I live in Manhattan. Don't worry, I get a lot of exercise and I make sure my parents keep the home at a balmy 60 degrees! My sister, Chloe, and I wrestle all the time. I also have a girlfriend, Riley, that I snuggle, kiss, and play with. I'm looking forward to winter to play in the snow and pull my sister in a sled. Some of my favorite things are peanut butter, ice cubes, howling, and leaves blowing in the wind.

Add Custom Image Attribute To Category In Magento 2

Add Custom Image Attribute To Category In Magento 2 – Here I’m going to explain you how to add custom image attribute to category. Step:-1 Create a InstallData.php file on location vendor\Module\Setup <?php namespace Vendor\Module\Setup; use Magento\Eav\Setup\EavSetup; use Magento\Eav\Setup\EavSetupFactory; use Magento\Framework\Setup\InstallDataInterface; use Magento\Framework\Setup\ModuleContextInterface; use Magento\Framework\Setup\ModuleDataSetupInterface; use Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\ScopedAttributeInterface; /** * @codeCoverageIgnore */ class InstallData implements InstallDataInterface [...]

Creating Cron and Server Action in Odoo 11

For creation the Cron in odoo11, you will have also have to set model_id fields also as now in odoo11 ir.cron  have the delegate based relationship with ir.actions.server in which the  model_id is set to required. Below code is explaining the delegate based relation between ir.cron and ir.actions.server.   class ir_cron(models.Model): _name = "ir.cron" _order [...]

Performing String and Bytes Data Conversion in Python3.x

In Python 3.5 String and Bytes are not same as in Python2.7, the manual conversion between them need to done using and  encode<==> decode method. String===>(encode)==>Byte===>(decode)==>String   String Encode: encode(…) method of builtins.str instance S.encode(encoding=’utf-8′, errors=’strict’) -> bytes Bytes Decode: decode(…) method of builtins.bytes instance B.decode(encoding=’utf-8′, errors=’strict’) -> str   While doing Python 2.7 to [...]





Multiple RSS Feeds : Multiple RSS Feeds module shows the feed from multiple RSS feed url in your Joomla site.You can fetch single RSS feed or Multiple RSS feed based on your requirements.



  • Compatible with all the latest web browser's – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer-8, 9, 10.
  •  Its very easy to configure from the back-end and to use from the front-end.
  •  User can enter multiple URL for RSS feeds.
  • Provides compatibitlity to language direction to be displayed (right-to-left) or (left-to-right).
  • User has option to display desired result of feeds (Title, images, description, heading).
  • User can limit feed count an feed length to be displayed in the module.
  • User has option set desired height for module.
  • User has option to set color (background, border) of module and set color (title, text) of feed.


Version Support:

             Joomla 3.x


Backend Snapshot:


Support: For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


Multiple RSS Feeds