Rich Snippets :- This Plugin insert the Google Rich Snippets in Virtuemart Products and Joomla articles. This Rich snippets info will be displayed under the link at Google search.






Rich SnippetsRich Snippets


 Backend Snapshot



For Joomla Article Demo



Step1:- To Check the real demo on Google  tool please go to this link










               In below fetch URL text box you have to enter enter page URL of product page.







 e.g. For Facebook wall Feed Demo


         Search your product on google.









For Virtuemart

- Show Product Name

- Show Price

- Show Product Rating

- Price of Product

- Show product description

- Show category name

- Show number of Reviews 


For Article

-  Show Article Name

-  Show number of Reviews

- Show Article Ratings

- Show article description



Support Ticket

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Rich Snippets