Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Custom Attribute-:
This brilliant extension will display admin defined custom attributes On Seller/Vendor products . By using this admin creates custom attributes for products via backend to help seller in defining their products beautifully. These attributes help in better recognization of products for desirable customer's experience.



Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom AttributeJoomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom AttributeJoomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom Attribute                                                                                                                   



Live Demo Credentials :

Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom Attribute:

Front End URL:

Username: testseller

Password: testseller

Back End URL:

Username: demo

Password: demo


Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom Attribute Supported Versions-

  • Joomla3.x
  • Marketplace 3.7 & Marketplace 4.0 & Marketplace 5.0
  • virtuemart 3.0.x

Features :


  • Well integrated with Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace.

  • Create and manage dynamic custom attribute of products for seller at admin end.

  • Seller can set the value of custom attribute for products in Virtuemart store via frontend.

  • Checkout and email notification will carry the details of custom attribute of products.

  • Add and edit product pages will accordingly reflect attributes.

  • Admin can edit, delete or change custom attribute for existence product at Virtuemart product page.

  • Admin can create new custom attribute for the products from the backend.

  • Admin can add any number of Custom Attribute.


Benefits :


  • Displays specific functionality which gives an unique identification of the products.

  • An attribute can hold a set of information given at the time of creating details of the products and expose that information during runtime.

  • This configuration allows customers to make use of the attributes for better understanding of products without any referencing.


Download Procedure:

Joomla Virtuemart MarketPlace Custom Attribute Plugin is working for Joomla version

Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x


After downloading the Joomla Virtuemart MarketPlace Custom Attribute extension you’ll get one zip files (plg_customattribute) use it.



Backend View :

  • Go to Plugin manager and click on custom attribute to view the page. After adding the fields in “Custom Attributes” go to “Save” button to save the changes. Next click on “Synchronize” to synchronize the values to reflect it at admin and seller end.

*** With synchronizing the values the custom attribute tabs won't be displayed at backend and front. Before synchronizing admin need to save the changes.

  • To set the custom attributes as default click on “Yes”.


  • Admin can view the custom attributes of individual product at Virtuemart Product page. Here admin can edit the details of the attributes. With the change in attributes of concerned product, the seller of the product will be notified the changes via mail.

  •  With the add, edit and deletion of custom attribute for any individual product, the concerned seller will be recieving the notification via mail.

  • Example of mail which notifies about deleted attributes from admin end.

Seller End View :


  • Go to “Add product” and click on “custom attributes” to set the attributes. To change the attributes of existing products go to “Product”, click on edit button of desired products and change the attributes.

For 4.0 version of Multivendor Marketplace -


For 5.0 version of Multivendor Marketplace -


Front End View :

  • Below snapshot gives the details of the custom attributes of product.

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Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Custom Attribute