Joomla Google Site Translator: Google's free online language translation service instantly translates web pages to other languages, these services are kept into a Joomla! module for easy translation of web pages for Joomla! powered sites, also the user can opt to use the paid API version for meta-tag, hreflang and subdomain translation using the multi domain feature.



  1. Different types of display modes provided by Google.
  2. Multi Sub Domain translation with the help of A-Record.
  3. Support for all 103 languages provided by Google.
  4. Added Google API version 2.
  5. Selection of languages for available on the front-end for allowed subdomains and languages.
  6. API v2 translated pages with web page indexing feature.
  7. SEO provided using metatags translation and sitemap available
  8. Sitemap provided