CountDown Timer : Flip Clock

CountDown Timer : Circle(Tron)

CountDown Timer : Circle(Simple)


For demo of CountDown Timer as Plugin please Click Here

After click you will see countdown timer which is set for 2 minutes on a new tab




Countdown Timer: Joomla Countdown Timer is Brilliant Joomla extension to show remaining time on your site.It also helps you to display the custom message that will be displayed on the screen along with the timer.

Countdown TimerCountdown Timer





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1 - This extension works as a combination of a module as well as a plugin.

2 - Two attractive clock design is available: Flipclock and Circle.

3 - There are two Available designs of Circle: Simple and Tron, that shows two different views on front-end as per your settings

4 - Functionality to set the starting and ending date and time of the timer from the backend.

5 - It provides functionality to write the custom message that is displayed on your site when the timer is running.

6 - Functionality to set the height, width and the background color of the screen and timer is provided.

7 - This extension allows you to choose the background of the screen as an image or a color.


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