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Accordion Article Module :This is the best related article Module In Joomla.This Awesome Accordion Article module display selected category  related articles on Joomla .You can display one article or many articles in a list by using this module.


Accordion Article ModuleAccordion Article Module





1 - It supports -Category match on Articles

2 - Compatible with all the latest web browsers Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer- 8, 9, 10 .

3 - Its very easy to configure and handy to use .

4 - user can change background color and font color.

5 - You can set number of articles for showing related category.

6 -  Automatic loading .

7 - user can set  width of the module.

8 - user can set character limit of article.


Version Support:

             Joomla 3.X & Joomla 4.X


Support: For any query or issue please create a support ticket here




Accordion Article Module