Joomla Multi Effect Modal Box -
Modal box allow multiple image gallery for your Joomla article, it will enhance the user experience and minimize the usage of image space. User can add the image gallery on hyperlink or Image from joomla editor.


There having several effect so please check the demo for various effects:

Effect 1: Click Demo1

Effect 2: Click Demo2

Effect 3: Click Demo3

Effect 4: Click Demo4

Effect 5: Click Demo5

and Many more....

Article Effect Modal Box
Article Effect Modal Box


Backend Snapshots



Article Effect Modal Box






1- Working in all the modern browser

2- No flash, based on java script.

3- Can add many gallery modal box in a single article.

4- Admin can select animation effect from list of effect.


Supported Versions -

Joomla 3.x


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

Article Effect Modal Box