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Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway

Welcome to the demo site of Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway. It easy to split payments among your sellers Now.

What is Braintree Marketplace ?

Braintree Marketplace is a payment methods that accept payment and split it to multiple seller for example user placed an order having multiple products that belongs to different sellers now to reduce the tough job of dividing the amount among sellers and gain commission amount, Braintree Marketplace calculate and split seller amount to their Bank account or Venmo account ( acc to the funding destination provided by the seller at the time of Braintree Merchant Registration Process ) and commission to admin's account.

Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway works well for clients based on United States.

How to Use ?

1. Admin need to install Braintree Marketplace plug-in and save the configuration after filling all the required details such as Merchant Id, Public Key and Private key.

Also, Admin need to provide a Menu for Braintree Merchant Registration, from where Seller will register themselves on Braintree Marketplace.

2. Now Marketplace sellers need to Register themselves on Braintree marketplace using the Menu.

NOTE: seller1 and seller2 are registered on Braintree, you can try registering seller3 on Braintree.

3. After successfully registering on Braintree whenever buyer placed order contain seller product the amount goes to seller's funding details provides at the time of registration after deducting commission and commission goes to admin account.

Starts with demo

To start with demo you need to know few things:

1. Please select products belongs to seller for example Shoes1 By seller1 and a admin product Safety Helmet By Admin

2. Proceed with payment using Braintree Marketplace payment method.

3. Now to check the payment you can login with seller and and open My payments view from seller menus.

4. You can also check commission entries from commission view in Marketplace admin view


Proceed with Demo

NOTE: For any query you may raise a ticket on webkul support

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